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Cost reduction in LPG composite cylinder manufacturing

News International-French

4 Mar 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - As a technology provider and licensor, COIA offers turnkey solutions, set-up and pre-qualification of Type IV LPG composite cylinders, manufacturing plants and testing facilities, based on its own know-how and international patents.

In 2010, COIA introduced a unique process and related machinery by implementing UV technology into the manufacturing process of LPG composite cylinders (Type IV). Since then, COIA's technology has been recognized worldwide.

Compared to conventional thermal curing, the key benefits of the COIA UV system are significant savings in terms of:

  • energy, up to 95%;
  • space, up to 99%;
  • curing time, minutes instead of hours;
  • resin material, no losses during processing and curing, significantly extended shelf life;
  • mixing device, no additional components (hardener) needed;
  • special ventilation, no solvents, therefore no hazardous fumes;
  • cleaning time and material.

In 2011, COIA was certified to ISO 9001 and 14001 by TÜV Germany.

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