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CPE, well beyond the Indian subcontinent!

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24 Feb 2011

Chemical Process Equipments Private Limited specializes in the manufacture of fibreglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) equipment and is recognized as one of the largest exporters of FRP equipment in India. Its products are installed in almost every corner of the world.

Over a period of time, CPE has become a specialist in composite process equipments and other products, designed mainly for chemical and allied industrial applications. As Managing Director Ashwin Rajpurohit points out: “When it comes to FRP equipment, where highly corrosive fluids are pumped in day after day, week after week, year after year, you need a manufacturer with consistent quality”.


CPE today

CPE designs, manufactures and installs field storage tanks, reaction vessels, pressure vessels, wet gas electrostatic precipitators, scrubbing systems, exhaust systems, polymer concrete cells, gratings, cable trays and linings for various sectors such as chemicals, textile, pharmaceuticals, engineering, paints, water and waste-water treatment, pigments and dyestuff, food processing, metallurgy, mining, paper & pulp, railways, fertilizers and nuclear power plants.


To meet the needs of all these markets, the company has three production sites and employs above 400 people, comprising of qualified Engineers and experienced Technicians. Last year CPE had sales of more than 8.5 million euros, half of which came from exports.


From father to son

Chemical Process Equipments Private limited founded in 1964 by present Chairman Mr. B.S. Rajpurohit, father of present Managing Director Mr. Ashwin Rajpurohit, started out modestly. In early seventies, CPE made its first large size tank and never looked back serving its esteemed clients. Within a few years, it grew to become a diversified multi-product company with an undisputed leadership in the field of fibreglass- reinforced plastic (FRP) fabrication.


To focus on piping business CPP (Chemical Process Piping Pvt. Ltd.) was carved in 2007,with Mr. Vijay Rajpurohit as Managing Director, son of Mr. B.S. Rajpurohit. Three years on, both companies have grown considerably. CPP is now as large as CPE.


3 manufacturing sites

CPE’s manufacturing facilities are located in Mumbai (Maharashtra, India), New Mumbai (Maharashtra, India), and Vadodara (Gujarat, India). All these plants use state-of-the-art techniques for the manufacturing of various equipment and other related work. The Vadodara site in particular is equipped with a number of CNC machines. The company has the necessary infrastructure and facilities to manufacture FRP equipment using thermosetting resins such as isophthalic polyester, bisphenol polyester, vinylester, furane. Dual laminates using thermoplastics such as PVC,CPVC,PP,PVDF, HDPE and ECTFE for chemical resistance and an external FRP armour for strength are also fabricated. CPE uses Hand lay-up, Band-winding and filament-winding processes to manufacture their equipments.


Most of CPE's products are exported, so the manufacturing sites are strategically located thus facilitating good transport for theire huge size of the products requirement.


CPE has earned its laurels in the area of extra-large proportions, producing some equipments more than 24 metres high. It is also the only company in the world to have manufactured over 140 plastic wet electrostatic precipitator casings and accessories, including the one of the largest plastic wet electrostatic precipitator, which is built and installed for Birla Copper.



Design and quality

The competence of the design team is backed by proven expertise, accumulated and updated over four decades.


CPE has its own design department with full-fledged design and drafting facilities. These departments are manned by qualified personnel using the latest CAD softwares.


Most of CPE's products are custommade in compliance with international standards like BS 4994:1987, ASTM D 3299-81 and ASME Section X.


The uniqueness of reinforced plastics lies in the often unappreciated fact that the moulder simultaneously makes his construction material and the end product. (For the tanks, the moulds are made of wood by specialized carpenters.) Quality control thus assumes major significance in the fabricating process and inevitably has an effect on the performance of the end product. CPE's testing facilities include a modern laboratory to check the mechanical properties of the raw materials and end products. The products are subjected both during and after manufacturing to rigorous destructive and non-destructive tests.


Geared to the future

CPE’s equipment, tanks, walkway grating, etc. are used worldwide, in countries like Germany, the USA, Finland, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and Thailand.


Over the years, the company has received several “Top Exporter Awards” for its FRP products, presented by Plexconcil and sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India. In addition to its success at exporting,