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CPIC aims for 300,000 tons by 2010

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18 Aug 2011

CPIC Fiberglass is a player that counts, both in China and beyond. With headquarters in Chongqing, the company is now one of the leading Chinese producers in China. CPIC’s goal is to be producing 300,000 tons of glass fiber by 2010 - in other words, very soon!

(Published on December 2005 – JEC Magazine #21)


CPIC Fiberglass may be a relatively young company, but its success and market penetration both in China and on the international scene have been exemplary.


A blossoming company with clear objectives


Chongqing Polycomp International Corp., (CPIC) is a Sino-foreign joint venture founded in 1991. It is also the holding company for Chongqing Fiberglass Plant, which was the first to produce alkali-free glass fibre (E-glass fibre) in China, using direct-melt process technology introduced from Japan.


Until its E-glass fibre production line started up in November 1986, the plant had been producing mainly chopped strands, yarn and roving. In July 1997, Yunan Yuntian Chemical Co., Ltd. purchased all of CPIC’s shares in Chongqing Glass Fiber Plant and in 2000, Saudi Arabian Amiantit Corp., acquired shares in CPIC.


An E-glass fibre production line with a capacity of 25,000 tons a year was put into production in the first half of 2002. In August 2003, another furnace with a capacity of 35,000 tons/year came into being. In 2005, CPIC inaugurated a 40,000-ton ECR-glass furnace, the world’s largest one dedicated to the production of ECR glass. They also have a strong commitment to the future and began to construct additional production lines for textile yarns in China starting with an initial 35,000 metric ton per year plant. In 2007, 75,000 tons of additional capacity will be installed, with a production objective of 300,000 tons by 2010.



A strategy that pays off


CPIC is one of the rare producers to possess know-how in sizing techniques; the company has its own chemicals production unit and the first-class R&D centre in China for fibreglass testing and application research, so as to guarantee stable quality products and continuously improve to meet customers’ requirements.


Quality is the catchword from start to finish - that is, from production to delivery, as demonstrated by the ISO-9000 and -14000-certified operations and special care devoted to shipping.


CPIC has been growing steadily over the past few years, and is giving itself the means to continue to do so through a programme of scheduled investment. Its managers are serenely confident about CPIC production quality, which should guarantee the company future success.