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CPS Technologies announces advanced armor initiatives with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

News International-French

10 Aug 2018

CPS Technologies, the developer and manufacturer of HybridTech Armor, supports Rafael Advanced Defense Systems in developing solutions that provide military vehicles with protection against projectiles, artillery and IED fragments.

These armor solutions are being designed through a collaborative effort using CPS’ existing, patented HybridTech Armor metal matrix composite technology. These armor solutions are comprised of multiple materials integrated together with HybridTech Armor panels, which consist of ceramic tiles that are completely enveloped and mechanically and chemically bonded to lightweight and stiff aluminum metal matrix composites.

According to CPS Technologies CEO Grant Bennett

“CPS Technologies HybridTech Armor components offer an improved, lightweight, multi-hit capable and cost competitive alternative to conventional steel and ceramic-based solutions. After several years of development of the HybridTech Armor stike faces, we are pleased to be working with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd, and other integrators to integrate our components in complete armor solutions for use in real applications.”