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CRC-ACS & ACS Australia official head office opening

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28 May 2013

Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Composite Structures (CRC‐ACS) and Advanced Composite Structures Australia Pty Ltd (ACS Australia) open their new head office and facilities.

Focusing on new technologies and skills for Australia’s manufacturing and engineering industries, CRC‐ACS has been at the forefront of keeping Australia’s aerospace and defence industries competitive for more than 20 years. The move to new premises, and the establishment of facilities in Port Melbourne as a head office for both organisations, signals a transition to a new future focused on bringing Australia’s manufacturing and engineering industry into world supply chains, and expansion into new markets.

The commencement of this program of advanced technology development began in 1991, with the establishment of the CRC for Aerospace Structures, which was renamed the CRC for Advanced Composite Structures in 1996. Its most notable success was the development of technology associated with Boeing Aerostructures Australia, who currently manufacture the wing trailing edge devices for the Boeing 787. Leveraging technology developed within CRCACS, the package of work is anticipated to be worth $4 billion over 25 years.

Since this time CRC‐ACS has restructured to adopt a more international focus, with an increasing focus on engaging with Asian industry, as well as other international industry. This has been achieved through attracting major international companies to a program of technology development centred on Australia’s industry, and by establishing a wholly owned subsidiary – ACS Australia Pty Ltd, to focus on composites technology deployment.

CRC‐ACS and ACS Australia focus on the development of carbon fibre and glass fibre composite materials, which are widely used in today’s modern aircraft, automobiles, ground transportation, renewable energy infrastructure and marine craft. They offer light weight and high strength, and are increasingly being adopted by leading companies in their sectors.

As Australia’s foremost centre in the development of carbon fibre and glass fibre composites technology, CRC‐ACS has 25 Participants from seven countries around the world, including:

  • EADS – European Aeronautic Defence & Space NV, the owner of Airbus and Eurocopter
  • PETRONAS – Malaysia’s national oil, gas & petrochemical company
  • DSTO – Australia’s defence science and technology organisation

As well, Australia’s leading universities and research institutions in the development of composite materials technology are key contributors. It is currently supported by Commonwealth funding under the Australian Government's Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) program. The CRC's research program includes patented technology for the assembly of modern carbon fibre aircraft, development of composite repair technology for oil & gas infrastructure, sustainable material sourced from plants, and improved helicopter occupant safety through energy absorbing designs and structures.

ACS Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of CRC‐ACS, and provides engineering and technical expertise to companies adopting new composites and related technologies in markets including aerospace, automotive, renewable energy, oil & gas, mining and civil infrastructure. ACS Australia uses the highly developed skills of its 30 staff, and collaborates with Australian industry and technology developers as a core part of its strategy.

CRC‐ACS and ACS Australia have been recently recognised for their role in helping Australian SMEs to reach international markets, and were awarded the CRC Star award by the Hon. Senator Don Farrell, Minister for Science & Research, on 16 May 2013. The award recognised the collaboration of CRC‐ACS and ACS Australia with Australian SME companies Supacat Pty Ltd and Pacific Engineering Systems International Pty Ltd, in securing contracts from new international businesses including the emergent Chinese aerospace industry.

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