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The CRC-ACS Deep Water Composites project team awarded for its composite clamp

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4 Nov 2014

The CRC-ACS P1.3 – Deep Water Composites project team was recognised for its work on the “Novel Composite Clamp for Pipeline Repair” with a Cooperative Research Centres Association (CRCA) Innovation Award. 

With massive weight savings (the composite clamp is one sixth the weight of the equivalent steel clamp under water), the technology saves significant cost through minimising requirements for divers and support infrastructure. The project participants and associates who shared in this award are Advanced Composite Structures Australia Pty Ltd, Merit Technologies Sdn Bhd, Pacific Engineering Systems International Pty Ltd, Petronas Research Sdn Bhd, Supacat Pty Ltd, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, University of New South Wales and the University of Southern Queensland.

The Awards for Excellence in Innovation 2014 were presented at the CRC Association "Innovating with Asia 2014" conference on 20 May 2014 in Perth. The Awards for Excellence in Innovation were initiated by the CRC Association in 1999 to recognise outstanding examples of the transfer of CRC research results, knowledge and technologies that have been developed for a wide range of users of research, including the community, companies and government agencies. The judges were impressed by the high quality of entries for this year’s Awards and were delighted at the breadth of innovation that continues to be delivered by the CRC Program.

The award ceremony was held at the CRCA conference dinner, and was attended by Prof. Murray L. Scott, Mr Rowan Paton and Dr Luke Djukic from ACS-A, as well as Mr Chuah Beng Swee and Dr KH Leong from Petronas Research. In addition to those listed above and the P1.3 development team, Dr Andrew Beehag deserves special recognition for assembling the award submission. This award is more recognition of the work being performed under P1.3 and the importance of this clamp technology to the end users and industry alike.

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