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Creative Composites pressing ahead with new investment

News International-French

1 Jun 2015

The press which is the company’s fourth compression moulding press means capacity will be increased and further enhances Creative Composites position as the UK’s most advanced composite manufacturer.

The press will generate 1,500T of moulding pressure and will be capable of processing tools up to 3 metres by 2 metres in size. The press will use the most advanced technology available within the industry and includes innovative features such as an active levelling system which is unique within the UK. The new press at Creative Composites achieves results such as advanced control, high levels of quality, high levels of accuracy as well as reducing energy consumption by up to 70%.

Jonathan Holmes, Commercial Director at Creative Composites believes the company is well placed to meet future demand “The new compression moulding press, will provide our customers with high quality components through our unique combination of design, manufacture and service”

The new press will be used to meet growing demand for high quality composite components in the automotive, aerospace, truck, bus, and construction sectors. Creative Composites provide a number of benefits to customers such as good part to part repeatability, low cycle times, ability to add many design features, excellent dimensional stability and efficient use of material.

Jonathan continues, “We are expanding in markets including automotive, material handling, medical and aerospace and look forward to exciting times ahead where the applications for composites are endless.”