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CrossTrack composite manufacturing software suite

News International-French

5 Mar 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - The award-winning CrossTrack system tracks material, material life, plies, kits, orders and nests – all in real time. It integrates tightly into the Jetcam Expert nesting software, allowing highly optimised nests of composite plies to be generated automatically.

Users have a common interface across multiple departments, and errors are drastically reduced due to information following through between departments. In 2013, CrossTrack won Composite UK's “Innovation in Manufacture” award for its demonstrable return on investment. The software is in use at companies such as Bombardier and GE.

CrossTrack is suitable for all companies working with prepreg or dry-weave rolls of material cut with any brand of CNC knife cutters. Material is tracked from the moment it arrives and is stored in the freezer. The life of the material is tracked in and out of the freezer, including defrost times, and this is carried across to the plies and, ultimately, the kit before layup. If a ply has to be remade, the new kit life will reflect the oldest ply's life.

CrossTrack is available in Enterprise and low-cost SME editions. Its SQL-based platform is scalable to grow with the user’s business needs.

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