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CRP expands its arsenal of tools with the next generation of three high-performance machines

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9 Sep 2016

CRP Group invests in the next generation of High-end machines for AM (Additive Manufacturing), CNC Machining, DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) and confirms itself as the right partner for High-Tech markets.

Innovation and High-quality production are key drivers of business success in High-Performing sectors, CRP knows that.
The Group seems to be acting as the spearhead for its target sectors including Additive Manufacturing and High Precision CNC machining: CRP strengthens itself and expands its arsenal of tools with three High-performance machines.

CRP Technology – CRP Group’s specialized division and world leader in Additive Manufacturing with its

WINDFORM® family of high-performance composite materials - has recently enlarged the production facility by purchasing RICOH AM S5500p, the Laser Sintering System for Additive Manufacturing of functional prototypes and end-use parts by RICOH.
RICOH AM S5500P is the future of Additive Manufacturing thanks to its High-End Additive Manufacturing technology. It is a multi-material 3D Printer with large modeling area (550x550x500 mm) enables to manufacture many components at once (e.g. parts for functional tests as well as the parts for end products which can be used in a range of industries such as Aerospace, Automotive and Medical).

RICOH AM S5500P ensures fast, flexible and cost-effective production thanks to its highly accurate and repeatable manufacturing capabilities.

CRP Meccanica’s High-Precision CNC Machining Department is now supported by a new, cutting-edge machining centre by GF Machining Solutions: Mikron HPM 800U Milling Machine.
This is particularly well suited to customer segments, which produce High-Quality but also voluminous and complex mold making and production parts economically and with precision. Due to its stable construction and directly driven circular and swiveling axes, the Mikron HPM 800U can be used for anything from heavy roughing work to precise finishing work.

Mikron HPM 800U Milling Machine has been designed in view of automated pallet handling; it has also been built for

Mikron HPM 800U Milling Machine
speed, accuracy and reliability. The machine optimizes the milling process, which improves the process safety and the quality of the workpiece - above all in unmanned operation.

Productivity, versatility and precision are the features that prompted CRP to invest in this machine.

News from DMLS front with the largest laser melting-based 3D printer in the world.

The X line 2000R® by Concept Laser is the metal melting machine with the world’s largest build envelope (800 x 400 x 500 mm). The X line 2000R increases the build volume (from 126 l to 160 l) to produce large parts and components.

X line 2000R® 1000W dual laser
This feature, combined with the X line 2000R® 1000W dual laser, ensures high productivity and shorter completion times than machines of varying sizes from equivalent volumes .

The highlights include a rotating mechanism so that two build modules can be used reciprocally, thus guaranteeing constant production without any downtimes.

"Speed and volume are important requirements for High-Quality production – stated Franco Cevolini –. The benefits offered by X line 2000R is a decisive competitive advantage when it comes to competing, and it projects CRP Meccanica among world leaders in terms of production capacity"

CRP Group goal is to provide qualified and tailor-made solutions to fit the needs of its High-end customers:

"These investments in the field of High Performance machineries - added Franco Cevolini - clearly demonstrate our willingness to stay at the top of our areas of expertise: we believe in constant technological upgrading and increasing production capacity to offer cutting-edge services. CRP Group is a straightforward and personal partner to its customers, a partner that embraces their challenges and meets them as quick as possible with the highest product quality standards. That is what makes CRP unique and successful with a very active role in High-Tech and High End sectors as AM, CNC Machining, DMLS."

Over 45 years of innovation made CRP Group one of the leading international players within the F1 and Motorsport technology partners and problem solvers panorama. In 2010 CRP Group decided to invest in the new field of sustainable vehicles by creating Energica.

CRP Group acted as a technology and financial incubator, and it is still today the lead investor of Energica Motor Company, since it become an independent factory.