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CRTC turns carbon fibre green in 2016

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23 Feb 2016

JEC World 2016 - The Composite Recycling Technology Centre (CRTC), formed in 2015 in Washington State (USA) with exciting new opportunities, will turn uncured prepreg carbon fibre scrap into high-impact consumer products, a first for the state and the country.

The CRTC is working toward 98% recycled materials content in its initial products. To get there, the team is working with key partners like Washington State University and Peninsula College, and is collaborating with other carbon fibre powerhouses to develop new ways to convert scrap prepreg into useful, innovative products.

Product development is already underway in a facility close to the centre’s eventual R&D and manufacturing home. A carefully planned series of product introductions will grow the use of recycled prepreg by partnering with companies that want to push the technology to its limits.

The new facility also means a new home for Peninsula College’s Composite Manufacturing Programme, which already offers training in recycled composite manufacturing. This co-location will allow the CRTC to offer unique training and education opportunities to those interested in pursuing product development using recycled composites.

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Booth: Hall 6 / P31e