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CSR manufactures wind turbine blades in Tianjin

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24 Feb 2012

Recently, Zhuzhou China South Locomotive and Rolling Stock Corporation Limited (CSR) subsidiary CSR New Times New Material Tianjin wind turbine blades industrial park is completed and commissioned.

According to reports, the Wind Turbine Blade project covers an area of 215000 square meters, with a building area of 59,000 square meters; the annual output is 1,000 units of megawatt-class wind turbine blades.


CSR New Times New Material wind power products division was established in 2008; construction of Zhuzhou industrial park completed in 2009, and the sales of 2011 is nearly 600 sets of wind turbine blades. For the products radiation in the northern region wind power industry market and to facilitate the transport of the future offshore wind power and exports, Tianjin wind turbine blades subsidiary was established in 2010, in 2011 successfully opened up the Dongdian Electric Power Company, the CRE and other key large customers.

At present, CSR Zhuzhou New Times New Material own design TMT-42.8m, 45.3m two types of blades have mass production capability, also have breakthroughs on the high-power offshore wind blade, different type / design of blades development , to some new models a small batch productions have been achieved.


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