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CSR won 327 millions US$ wind turbine orders

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27 Jan 2014

China South Rail (CSR) recently announced that the company has won the wind turbine order from China Huadian Corporation (Huadian).

The total amount of this order is nearly 327 millions US$ (2 billion Yuan). The amount of this wind turbine order is the largest purchase order ever received in the history of CSR wind turbine sales.

It was reported that this order consists of three wind power projects. There are "Gansu Huadian Maojing wind power project" and "Shaanxi Huadian Wangpanshan wind power first phase and second phase projects" with a total capacity of nearly 500000 kilowatts.

CSR Wind Power will supply 200 sets of WT2000/110 and 66 sets of WT1500/93 two leading wind turbine models for the above projects respectively.

The WT2000/D110 model wind turbine in this bidding is the new model developed by CSR Wind Power specifically to meet market urgent demand.

The model is a flagship product model specially built for the ultra low velocity wind resource area and the special environmental features. The product is in the domestic leading position for its indicator of swept area per kilowatts unit.

And furthermore, this product has the advantage features technologies such as maximum captured turbulent wind, the most optimal pitch angle, and the intelligent yaw scheduling. It is the hot model in current wind power market.

WT1500/93 model wind turbine is a mature model that independently developed and manufactured by CSR Wind Power based on the rail track traffic technological advantages CSR accumulated over the years.

WT1500/93 model has maintained the superior low voltage ride through, control and electrical performance under the high altitude environment, which fully meets the overall wind turbine requirements by the electricity power grid.

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