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CST Composites receives valuable ISO 9001 certification

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28 Sep 2012

CST Composites, a leading manufacturer of carbon fibre composite products, has achieved an ISO 9001 Certification, which will expand opportunities to supply our composite products worldwide.

This certification guarantees our customers that we have a professional and systematic approach to designing, manufacturing and delivering high quality products. Our operating systems meet the stringent standards set by the International Standards Organisation. ISO 9001 is recognised by 163 nations and is the leading worldwide certification for businesses.


Chris Dixon, general manager of CST says, “We are excited because the ISO 9001 is giving us the opportunity to provide world-leading products in a cost efficient manner. We are looking forward to providing the best in customer experience and satisfaction.  In the short time we have had our accreditation we have already seen positive results.”



About CST Composites

Founded in 1995, CST Composites has grown into a respected company that provides high quality designed and engineered carbon fibre products, such as tubes, rods and bespoke products, to many sectors including marine, industrial, mining, construction and general. We are constantly striving to create composite products that exceed our clients’ expectations.



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