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CTP Kompozit - Consolidated know-how and co-design solutions

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21 Feb 2013

For over 20 years, CTP Kompozit Plastik san. tic. ltd. Şti – Fiberglass Reinforced Polyesters, which works mainly in the business-to-business market, has been developing high-quality SMC/BMC parts for various applications in the automotive, tractor, electric lighting and white goods sectors.

Due to their improved technical and economic performance, glass fibre reinforced polyesters in the form of SMC and BMC have replaced most traditional materials.

Domestic market and exports
CTP is the only SMC and BMC supplier in the Turkish domestic market with all the required units to handle the entire production process for SMC/BMC parts, from production of SMC/BMC raw materials to mould design and manufacturing services, to the final painting and assembly.

With a production area of 25,000 square meters in Istanbul, CTP has a competitive edge in the market due to its high-level manufacturing technologies and R&D capabilities, and the ability to combine all the steps of SMC/BMC parts production in a single facility.

CTP also runs a subsidiary paint manufacturing unit in Ankara to increase its capacity and logistic efficiencies. The company implements “just-in-time” principles as its manufacturing model. Since 2005, it has started direct export to countries such as Italy, Germany, France, Austria, India, the USA, and Brazil. At present, direct exports account for 25% of total production.

Quality management is fully integrated into the plant management. CTP’s quality systems comply with international standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, giving the opportunity to be certified by third-party organizations.

In 2010, final assembly was also incorporated into CTP’s manufacturing processes for the production of tractor parts, and in 2011, the company moved to a new facility in Istanbul.

A long-term project-based approach
CTP Kompozit Plastik was chosen as the solution partner for the “Utility Project”, which is Fiat Group’s purchasing unit’s project with the highest turnover for 2011, at €4.5 million/year.

CTP has also started to model tractor exterior parts as part of an agreement with John Deere. The project should be implemented in 2014 and the moulds will be manufactured this year.

A 17 million euro investment
By turning its income into investment, CTP has increased its capacity and improved its manufacturing capability. The €17 million that it has invested will enable the company to significantly increase its product range and production capacity. Approximately €2 million of that amount went into new machine automation and capacity expansion, and approximately €15 million into the new facility.

Customer satisfaction
CTP lives up to its motto, “close to the customer”, by offering customized technical solutions from the design of moulds to production. Proposing co-design solutions to produce parts according to the customer’s needs has secured the company’s success. Carraro Group, Agritalia chose CTP as the best supplier in 2009.