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Cure with the power of light

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15 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Cytec launches new EBECRYL UV-curable resins

Since the mid-1970s, ultraviolet (UV) energy has successfully cured inks and coatings. The general benefits of UV technology include:

• Almost instantaneous curing

• Low to no volatile organic compound (VOC) or hazardous air pollutant (HAP) emissions

• 1K formulations with a long pot life


UV cure technology is emerging in composite manufacturing, particularly in cured-in-place pipes, pultrusion and filament winding. Increased productivity and regulatory compliance are two major reasons why composite manufacturers are adopting UV technology.


In filament winding, the high reactivity of UV systems enables process speed gains and quicker mandrel re-use. In pultrusion, it results in higher line speeds and parts with excellent dimensional tolerance, while the longer pot life reduces waste.


Cytec Coating Resins’ line of UV-curable specialty epoxy acrylates is well suited to the composites industry. EBECRYL® 3720 delivers high Tg, high modulus, fast reactivity and excellent chemical resistance. For ease of handling, the products can be supplied as dilutions in various monomers, e.g. HDDA. To improve toughness, modified epoxy acrylates such as EBECRYL® 3708 can be blended in.

Reactive diluting acrylates are also available to adjust the viscosity of the resin system and influence the physical properties of the cured resin. Cytec’s IBOA is an excellent choice where flexibility, toughness and high Tg are required. HDDA enables good properties with low volatility.


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