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Customized system solutions for polymer applications

News International-French

25 Feb 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - Sponsored Innovation - The Quarzwerke Group has been mining and processing various mineral raw materials for 130 years.

The division HPF The Mineral Engineers develops high-performance fillers and additives on a mineralogical and synthetic basis. Lately, new demands have appeared in addition to the classic ones. The company’s long experience combined with the technology of a modern application laboratory enabled the development of unique fillers that provide new functionalities:

• SILATHERM additives significantly improve the thermal conductivity of polymer applications at a competitive price. The use of electrical components with high energy density requires efficient dissipation of the generated heat. Since mineral fillers have inherent insulating properties, SILATHERM also has an electrical insulation effect. These fillers also have good mechanical properties.

• Only when the lights are off does the special effect of SILGLOW fillers comes into full play. Charged by daylight or another light source, they emit light only in complete darkness. The product is characterized by an extremely high mechanical and thermal strength.

• MICROSPAR fillers can be used to develop plastic films with improved properties. Particularly finely ground types are available, designed specifically for dental applications.

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