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Cutting-edge composite solutions from Dow drive lightweight affordability

News International-French

11 Mar 2014

Transportation, infrastructure and wind industries benefit from efficient fabrication of light, strong and durable composites enabled by novel and established Dow solutions

Dow’s leadership in material science and the unique combination of epoxy and polyurethane chemistry together with the DowAksa joint venture for carbon fiber and derivatives enables efficient fabrication of stronger, lightweight and more durable composites.

At the JEC Europe 2014 Composites Exhibition in Paris, March 11-13, Dow and DowAksa invite visitors to see and learn more about how composites in novel applications enhance established production processes, such as Filament Winding, Pultrusion, Long Fiber Injection, High Pressure Resin Transfer Molding, Vacuum Infusion and more. They will showcase its recent developments of composite systems for automotive and transportation, industrial,  infrastructure and wind energy applications:

Automotive: Mass Reduction for Mass Production
Dow Automotive will be demonstrating its concept of ‘Mass Reduction for Mass Production’ with the launch of the new Dow Voraforcetm 5300 epoxy resin matrix system for high-pressure Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) or variants of this process.

“This novel formulation enables ultra-fast curing, while its super low viscosity increases part consolidation potential in structural automotive composite production,” says Peter Cate, Strategic Marketing Manager for Composites at Dow Automotive. “With this new system we can meet the demand of automotive OEMs to achieve affordable lightweighting in true high volume vehicle production.”

Empowering Infrastructure with Polyurethane Filament Winding
Dow’s composites portfolio will expand with the introduction of a new Dow Voraforce TM TW 1100 series of polyurethane systems developed for Filament Winding fabrication. This new series allows for continuous reinforcement and manufacture of cylindrical structures found in power and transmission poles.

The Longer Side of Wind Power
Dow will also present a further development of its Airstone family to wind energy customers. When producing long and durable wind blades, designers and manufacturers will be able to use the new Dow Airstone TM 87  system, a series of high-elongation adhesives from the company portfolio for more affordable wind energy.