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Cygnet Tex-Web launches high-precision tension control unit for fibre industry

News International-French

10 Jun 2013

Creel specialist Cygnet Tex-Web is set to launch its new, high-precision mechanical tension control technology.

The company will target high-end processors of composite materials with its latest offering, which forms part of the company’s Flatline range of creel tensioning controls.

The mechanical system is assembled at Cygnet Tex-Web’s UK facility, which means it can be installed quickly and simply with no need for calibration. The unit can be bought as part of a new-build creel or as an upgrade to existing creels without requiring significant modification or rework. The technology allows the creel framework to be simplified and the central tension control mechanism to be removed, while retaining full global tension adjustment.

The system’s internal components are fully enclosed and protected from debris contamination, therefore reducing the need for maintenance. An intuitive operator-friendly HMI interface also makes tension adjustment simple and allows the operator to focus on other elements of the process.

“Accurate and repeatable tension control is fundamental in defining the quality of the end product and a creel that offers this level of performance is indispensable,” says Rich Wakeley, Cygnet Tex-Web’s Carbon Fibre Project Manager.

“We have designed our new system in collaboration with our customers and in line with the industry’s increasing demands for exceptional quality products, to deliver unparalleled levels of tension control and consistency from tow to tow, using a brilliantly intuitive yet simple technology.”