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Cygnet Tex-Web unveils latest PAN precursor creel

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27 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - British-based creel specialist Cygnet Tex-Web will unveil its next-generation PAN precursor creel at JEC Europe.

Built to deliver exceptional tension control, accuracy, and consistency of unwind into fibre carbonisation lines, the VHD machine uses a unique top box tension compensator fitted with incremental controls to handle large PAN precursor packages of 350kg and over.

The third-generation creel, which has already been installed at two carbon fibre production companies in Korea and China, was designed for fast and reliable installation. Cygnet Tex-Web uses a series of customised procedures to build, test and calibrate the machine in-house to ensure the unit’s base tension is set before it is delivered to a customer’s site. Once there, the machine can be quickly installed and commissioned with minimal adjustments.

This is possible because of the modular, fully self-contained design of the top box that relies on machined components for tighter, more reliable and stable controls. The machine also features its own purpose-built lifter-loader system to ensure creel change-overs are clean and efficient.

Cygnet Tex-Web’s creel business has been developing specialised creels for the international fibre and fabric processing industries for almost 40 years. In the last ten years, the company has installed over 40 of its first and second generation PAN precursor creels.

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