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Cytec opens new kitting facility dedicated to the manufacture of custom-built vacuum bagging consumables kits

News International-French

20 Apr 2015

Cytec Industries Inc. (CYT) announces the opening of a new kitting facility based in Toulouse, France, adjacent to its existing Process Materials site.

This opening is a key milestone for Cytec in its strategy to bring manufacturing capabilities for value added products and services closer to its Europe based customers.

This facility has the capacity needed for the manufacture of large vacuum bagging consumable kits for applications such as aircraft wings or wind turbine blades. Local manufacturing capabilities added to our long standing expertise in consultancy and design of complex kits and shaped bags will enable Cytec to meet growing customer requirements in Europe.

Kitting brings great benefits to part manufacturers such as:

  • Reduced labor cost, total production time and waste
  • Improved process control and therefore part quality and repeatability

This ensures that our customers can focus on their core task and competencies.

Cytec Process Materials already offers its kitting service out of its sites in Keighley, UK, Santa Fe Springs and Sumner, USA and Mondovi, Italy.

Shane Fleming, Cytec’s President, Chairman and CEO said: “This is an exciting time for Cytec. Over the past few years, we have been re-shaping our portfolio of businesses and focusing on growing the materials segments, which comprise two-thirds of Cytec’s global revenues. The investment in this facility is a perfect complement to our legacy business where we have supplied structural materials to the aerospace market for almost 50 years.”

William Avrin, Cytec’s Vice-President for Business development added: “This opening marks a fundamental part of our strategy in Process Materials - to understand where we can add value to the Aerospace market. And this facility does just that: we have developed tailor-made process material consumable kit sets that dramatically reduce the total cost of manufacture for our customers.”

Cytec provides advanced composite and process materials for aerospace, automotive, wind energy, motorsport, marine, mass transportation and other demanding applications. Our focus on technology and application expertise allows customers to adopt more efficient manufacturing approaches. Our product portfolio supports the end-to-end manufacturing of composite parts and includes tooling, fiber, prepregs, resin systems, vacuum bagging, adhesives and surfacing films.