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Cytec selected as preferred advanced materials supplier for LEAP-1 engine program

News International-French

18 Jun 2013

Cytec announces its selection as the preferred advanced materials supplier for the Leading Edge Aviation Propulsion (LEAP) high-bypass turbofan engine program.

Developed by CFM International, a joint venture between Snecma (Safran) and GE Aviation, the LEAP-1 engine program's use of advanced composite materials will reduce the weight by an estimated 500 pounds per aircraft. The next-generation engine will reduce fuel consumption by 15 percent, nitrogen oxide emissions by 50 percent and noise by 15 decibels.  LEAP-1 engines are an option for Airbus's A320neo program and have been selected for the C919 program, COMAC's new single-aisle commercial jet.  Cytec is planning to expand production capacities in Europe and the U.S. to support the LEAP engine program.

The LEAP-1 engine will utilize Cytec's CYCOM PR520 RTM resin system via its fan blades and containment cases based on its unique performance characteristics. CYCOM PR520 offers superior damage tolerance and good strain capability required for primary structure aerospace applications.  CYCOM PR520 performance characteristics widen the resin infusion processing window and help assure full fiber wetting.

Cytec develops advanced prepregs, resins and adhesives that are widely used in the aerospace and high performance industrial applications. Our composite products are complemented by a range of process materials. 

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