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Daicel USA partners with CompositeTechs

News International-French

21 Oct 2014

Daicel USA has entered into a formal relationship with CompositeTechs for business development support of their products. Under the agreement, CompositeTechs will generate a detailed business plan to support market growth of new opportunities for Daicel.

Daicel USA is a sales and marketing office for Daicel Corporation (Japan). Daicel’s products include cycloaliphatic epoxy, designated Celloxide, used for the manufacture of transparent epoxies with low working viscosities. Daicel USA is based in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

CompositeTechs LLC provides professional resources in the plastics and composites industries, including technical, sales and business development. The company is staffed by a team of expert professionals in several industries, including defense, aerospace, oil and gas, automotive. Services include design analysis and support, product and process development support, manufacturing scale-up, sales and market development, and business analysis. With its many relationships in the industry, CompositeTechs also provides high quality prototype fabrication services. The company provides a cost effective solution to customers that want experienced help on a part time basis. CompositeTechs is headquartered in Amesbury MA, and has professional resources based around the USA.

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