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Daikure introduced two types of pressure board

News International-French

9 Jul 2012

During JEC Asia, Daikure has introduced two types of pressure board to prevent landslides and creating a natural landscape.

Both products are used for prevention of landslides and creating a natural landscape to blend with the surrounding environment.One is Daikure Green Panel, the other is Daikure Anchor Panel.


Having grating design can protect seeds and expending root’s nurture.

Daikure Green Panel

Daikure green panel is made with FRP. There is no need to concern about corrosion by acidic soil. It is enough light for people to carry. Installing at slope area is faster than concrete frame ever made.

It is made from biomass resin supplied from Japan U-PICA Company, Ltd.

In Japan, 1700 cases more since 2002.


Picture 1: Daikure Green Panel during installation (left) and 1 year after (right)


Daikure Anchor Panel

Daikure anchor panel is pressure board for ground anchor method. It is combined FRP grating with steel frame.

Anchor method is not limited and can be freely selected. Molded large size FRP grating for Daikure Anchor Panel is made by Keun Yung Industrial Co Ltd (Korea).