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Dalian Guang Yuan Sheng a largest composites rail sleeper manufacturer

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12 Mar 2012

Since its acquisition of TIETEK last year, Dalian Guang Yuan Sheng Industry Co Ltd has become the world largest railway composites sleeper manufacturer.

This acquisition enables Guang Yuan Sheng to own 5 USA Patents, 14 International Patents, in which rubber composite materials sleeper technology is the world first ever invented.

This composite sleeper utilized recycle plastics, tires, paint waste and other polymer waste which are not biodegradable as the main raw materials, add with chemical additives and filling reinforcement auxiliary materials, with unique technology, the products have high performance in insulation, shock absorption, noise reduction.

This composite sleeper is easy in installation and maintenance, has low cost, long service life, high comprehensive cost / price ratio, which are welcomed by the Chinese railway construction hence made outstanding contributions to protection the forestry.

Due to its social and environmental effects, Dalian Huayuankou Development Zone approved preferential loan for the construction of its production project which has a capacity annual output of 47 million US$, in which US$ 45 million exports. After the project full completion, Guang Yuan Sheng will have the capacity of output of 158 millions US$ , in which US$ 140 million exports

According to reports, this sleeper has been applied in the USA rail system and short-haul and internal transit railways, as well as in the railway construction projects in Australia, India, Japan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Brazil and other countries, accounted for 5% ~ 15% of the world sleepers market.

China rail system has been through six speed improvements, and now has reached an average of 200 kilometers per hour with a future plan to reach more than 300 km / hour. The present railway concrete sleepers are lack of flexibility, shock absorption so the noise and vibration remain a serious threat to the rail operation.

Waste rubber powder composite sleeper has good damping performance, low noise, and the service life can be up to more than 30 years. Those characteristics can meet the high requirements of the railway rapid development in the nation.


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