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Danobat Composites launches automation solutions for manufacturing with Dry Material

News International-French

20 Jun 2014

Danobat announced that the company is developing highly specialized solutions to automate manufacturing with dry composite material.

ADMP Automated Dry Material Placement by Danobat Composites is a proprietary technology used to automate the deposit of dry resin infused fabric to create a composite part, such as a wing skin or frame. Based in Elgoibar in Northern Spain, Danobat Composites is a machine integrator that creates turn-key manufacturing processes for industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and transportation. It is a specialty division of the DanobatGroup.

Asier Gandarías Mintegi, CEO Danobat Composites, said, “Current manufacturing processes for prepreg are labor intensive and costly. Current manufacturing processes for prepreg are labor intensive and costly. Using dry material we can manufacture highly integrated composite structures while reducing assembly costs, and replacing manual steps with automation. As a result, we can deposit fabric at a rate 100 times faster than current processes, we’ve also reduced material costs by 50 percent. These are extremely significant results, which have been demonstrated to work, and this is only the beginning. Our goal is to create more solutions that will shape industries with advanced automation. As a niche player we have the drive, knowledge and flexibility to build solutions that will turn the composites industry on its head.”

About Danobat Composites:
Danobat Composites is a division of the DanobatGroup, a leading global manufacturer of specialized machine tools and production systems. The DanobatGroup is the machine-tool power house of the Mondragon Corporation, one of the largest industrial holding companies in Europe with over €15 billion in sales and over 83,000 employees worldwide. With solid financial backing, unprecedented access to the most advanced machine tools and significant investment in R&D, Danobat Composites is a specialist player offering expertise in designing automation solutions to manufacture structural parts with dry material. From project consulting services, training and personnel to machine production, factory layout and deployment, Danobat Composites designs and integrates turn-key solutions to automate the production of dry composite parts.