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DEC - SKAB Blaiken wind power project signed

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4 Aug 2014

Recently, Sweden Skelleftea Kraft (SKAB) and Chinese Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC) Blaiken wind power project signing ceremony was held in Stockholm.

The Swedish Ministry of foreign trade minister Ewa Bj rling, and Chinese ambassador to Sweden Chen Yuming as well as the representatives of both enterprises have attended the ceremony.

SKAB chief executive Hans Kreisel presided over the ceremony. He introduced the cooperation process between SKAB and DEC, and said that this is a new attempt and breakthrough. The European wind power market development is full of intense competition. SKAB has chosen to work with DEC has shown the trust to the DEC product quality and the strength of the enterprise. He believes that DEC has the ability to carry out the project to ensure smooth cooperation. He firmly believes that the project will lay a solid foundation for DEC to open up the European market.

Trade minister Ms. Ewa Bj rling said in her speech, in recent years, the China has experienced a rapid economic development. The trade between China and Sweden become more and more closely. China has been become the second biggest export destination outside the Europe. The Swedish government attaches great importance to and actively promote the bilateral economic and trade exchanges, promote trade facilitation. She hopes the enterprises of both sides to carry out closer cooperation.

Ambassador Chen Yuming conveyed his congratulations at the signing ceremony of the project cooperation between SKAB and DEC. He pointed out in his speech that Blaiken wind power project is so far the largest wind power project order Chinese enterprises have ever obtained in Sweden. With the implementation of the project, China wind turbine brand and image will be further promoted. The bilateral development cooperation in the field of new energy and technology exchange will be deepened. The Chinese Embassy China in Sweden will provide full support for the implementation of the project, and hope the project to be progressing smoothly.

DEC vice president Han Zhiqiao has introduced the Dongfang Electric export project in his speech. He said that the project is the largest wind power project order the company has received in Europe. It is the recognition and approval to DEC Company’s brand and the strength. DEC will fully perform the contract to ensure the product quality in order to benefit the local people.

In recent years, wind power has got the global attention. It is regarded as an important means to cope with energy and environmental challenges and the implementation of low carbon strategy. China also experienced a period of wind power rapid development. The installed capacity has increased rapidly. Some enterprises began to go abroad. Sweden is a pioneer in new energy application and popularization. The country is rich in wind resources with a wide wind power market prospects.

The cooperation between China and Sweden in the new energy field has been continuously strengthened. The two governments signed a memorandum on the environment cooperation, and has set up a Sino-Sweden energy saving and environmental protection working group. The enterprises of the two countries have made some beneficial attempts in recent years.

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