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Defence applications with the VestGuard UK MAX-7 Hard Armour Plate vest

News International-French

31 May 2012

Composite materials are used extensively in an ever-increasing variety of defence applications, ranging from ballistic and blast protection systems in armoured vehicles to structural components for vehicle, naval and aerospace applications, including: UAVs, radomes and communication dishes. The dismounted soldier is also well-provided for with advanced composite materials being used in lightweight helmets and body armour.

Umeco demonstrate their expertise in the defence sector, including:

•    Alpha Eagle aircrew helmet, designed and manufactured by Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd., uses our VTM®264 carbon and aramid fibre fabric prepregs. VTM®264 prepregs were selected because they can be quickly laid-up, cure at low pressure and can provide a good surface finish straight from the mould.

•    VestGuard UK MAX-7 Hard Armour Plate vest, containing ballistic hard armour plates manufactured using our MTM®28 prepreg. Capable of stopping a 0.30 calibre armour-piercing round, our prepreg has been co-moulded using VestGuard’s proprietary materials and techniques to provide cost-effective life-saving equipment for those operating in the armed and police forces, journalists, private security personnel and VIPs.

•    Ballistic panels, demonstrating the application of our MTM®82 S2-Glass® reinforced phenolic resin and MTM®248S epoxy resin prepregs in ballistic and blast protection systems.

Their extensive R&D facility includes a team dedicated to developing a wide variety of materials for specific customer needs. This activity has resulted in world-leading, technologically advanced prepregs, adhesives and ancillaries which provide oven/vacuum bag and autoclave processing options.