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Delta 54 carbon cruiser displayed in Hong Kong

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29 Jun 2012

The world's first carbon fiber yacht appeared in Hong Kong recently.

The Swedish Navinode manufactured the world's first carbon fiber luxury yacht Delta 54 Carbon Cruiser was the breaking news in the Carbon industry for sure. Recently, in Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show, this boar made first world public appearance in the great China area as well as in Asia region.


The materials used in Delta 54 is the carbon fiber materials same materials as they were used to the build the Italy Lamborghini super sports car. Its weight has reduced 3% compare with the same type of ordinary material yacht.


Not only the weight has been reduced, Delta 54 Carbon Cruiser can also sail faster. Carbon fiber hull made the yacht lighter hence made the fuel efficiency higher in navigation. All these advantages allow ship owners to reduce oil expenses.


In addition to the release of economic burden, it reduces the consumption of energy and the emission of the waste with a great value of more environmentally friendly.


The yacht was manufactured in Sweden. It was reported that driving this full carbon fiber yacht is just like driving a super sports car on the sea.


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