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Deltech Europe announces production plant expansion

News International-French

8 Aug 2014

The UK based producer of synthetic resins for the composite and coatings industries has commenced a multi-million GBP investment to the production capacity and capability of its Haverhill, Suffolk UK facility.

The addition of a new multi-purpose reactor and blending vessels, together with modifications to the existing primary capacity, will not only increase the total plant production volume capability, but will also enable Deltech to produce a greater range of specialised resin types, including products from it's range of vinyl ester and unsaturated polyester materials.

Deltech has core experience in styrene-free resins based on specialist monomers produced by its USA based parent company, Deltech Corporation. Since it's inception in 2000, Deltech Europe has concentrated on close customer contact to lead developments in offering resins tailored to individual customer needs. The company is also able to provide a comprehensive range of standard materials from both it's composite and coatings resins ranges.

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