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Detecting defects in hidden carbon fibre layers

News International-French

6 Jun 2013

JEC Asia 2013 - Suragus GmbH uses the electrical conductivity of carbon fibres to develop non-destructive testing systems for carbon fibre materials.

The company has launched a new product, EddyCus CF map 6060, that enables the user to test carbon fibre fabrics and CFRP parts on the production line to detect fibre orientation errors, misalignment, gaps, undulation, wrinkles and other structural defects, even in hidden layers. The test stand can handle flat and slanted samples of up to 600 x 600 mm². It is fully equipped to withstand the carbon fibre production environment. The system is suitable for dry fabrics and cured composites, because eddy current testing does not require coupling media. Further, recent developments have improved the quality of the eddy current scans. High-frequency, high-resolution sensors provide clear images of the inner texture of carbon fibre composites.

Suragus GmbH develops quality assurance and testing solutions to cover the early stages of production such as tapes, fabrics and preforms. This is particularly relevant to the automotive industry, which is very sensitive to material costs and highly concerned about product quality. Due to the fact that eddy current testing provides insights on several layers (including hidden ones) at early stages of production, it can assist the introduction of carbon fibre materials in new markets.

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