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Developments in sandwich materials

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5 Mar 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - The Department of Polymer Engineering at the University of Bayreuth (Germany) will expand its composite technology facilities with a horizontal, technical-scale prepreg plant in the second half of this year.

This plant will allow the production of UD and fabric-reinforced prepregs up to 30 cm in width by hot-melt, solvent-free impregnation. A wide range of resin viscosities will be covered due to the modular coating unit consisting of three different resin application systems. Through this investment, the department will apply its knowledge of resin formulation to prepreg development.

Moreover, the development and investigation of composite sandwich structures is currently a priority subject within the Department of Polymer Engineering and the New Materials Bayreuth research institute. The development of compact or foamed thermoplastic core materials is coupled with the manufacture of thermoplastic and thermoset skin components. These materials are aimed for automotive, aerospace, transportation and wind applications and as such, they are tailored so as to exhibit good mechanical, thermal and environmental stability as well as fire-retardant properties. The properties of sandwich structures can also be characterized. The new prepreg plant is one of 14 "Innovations made in Bavaria" presented at the Bayern Innovativ stand with the support of the Enterprise Europe Network.

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