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Dia-Stron presents its fibres testing system

News International-French

30 Jul 2014

Dia-Stron, a leading manufacturer of integrated measurement systems for single fibres and filaments, presents its complete measurement solutions for fibre testing.

Their approach to the development of complete measurement solutions is exemplified by the combined laser diffraction and high resolution extensometer measurement system (LDS/LEX) that brings together all the elements of measurement integration, precision and automation.

Diameter measurement is an essential parameter in mechanical testing of fibres and the Dia-Stron system incorporates a high resolution laser diffraction system with the linear extensometer force measurement unit - collecting dimensional and mechanical data in a single operation and taking precision and accuracy to a new level.

The integrated measurement system is then combined with Dia-Stron’s automated sample loading module that transports the samples from the loading cassettes to the measurement module. Even down to the sample mounting stage, Dia-Stron supplies handling devices and loading cassettes to improve productivity and reduce sample loss. The complete approach to fibre testing.