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DIAB expands its finishing range with GST and ODC

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13 Dec 2011

This world leading producers of structural core materials, further expands their portfolio of finishing offerings. Finishing of core materials is usually done to facilitate formability or process ability through machining of the core material. The new offerings GST and ODC enables users of structural core materials to further reduce weight and cost in their applications.


One Directional Cut, ODC
One of the main purposes of using finishing is that it makes the core material formable. This is normally done by creating different shaped grid scores in the core material, supported with a thin glass fiber veil.

Using standard grid scored finishing material when manufacturing parts that have a single curvature leaves the scores in one direction open. By only having cuts where the curvature is needed, the resin consumption is reduced by approximately 50 %. The cuts, utilized to get a curvature, are closed resulting in further savings in weight and cost of resin. ODC is available in most grades and densities and it can be combined with several other finishes from our wide range to create further benefits.


Grid Score Thin, GST
As mentioned previously, to make core materials fit a curvature smoothly, Grid Scored, commonly known as GSC core materials is frequently used. GST is a the latest addition to the subgroups belonging to GSC materials, which now contains several shaped cuts and widths to suit different needs.


The GST is available in many grades and thicknesses. The GST has a big impact on the amount of resin consumed in the grid scores or cuts in closed molding techniques due to its configuration. The improvements with GST will reduce the amount of resin in the grid scores up to 30 % when used in an appropriate way.


About DIAB
DIAB is a world-leading supplier of sandwich composite solutions that make products stronger, lighter and competitive. DIAB’s solutions include a wide range of core materials, cost effective core kits, a wide range of finishing options and comprehensive set of composite know how. DIAB also provides a series of consulting services within composite technology through Composites Consulting Group . DIAB provides sandwich composites solutions within Wind energy, Marine, Transportation, Aerospace and Industry. DIAB is a global company with sales and customer support in 16 countries and an extensive network of distributors. DIAB has eight strategically located manufacturing units in order to serve its global customers on a local basis. DIAB is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swedish private equity company Ratos AB.

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