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Diab introduces new core materials & finishing options

News International-French

16 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Introducing new additions to its wide range of core materials and sandwich composite solutions with: Matrix 10-8;One Directional Cut, ODC; New Grid Score option, GS 0,9

Introducing Matrix 10-8, the best DIAB product ever:
DIAB continues to expand the Divinycell Matrix range with a new grade, Matrix 10-8. With a compression and shear strength positioned at 1,0 and 0,84 MPa at a nominal density of only 60 kg/m3 DIAB is launching its best product ever. Matrix 10-8 complements the already launched Matrix 7-7 and 11-9 as well as the current Divinycell H range, providing probably the widest and most high performing range in the industry. The excellent strength to weight ratio will be very valuable in Wind, Marine, Transportation and Industry applications.

Introducing One Directional Cut, ODC:
One of the main purposes of using finishing is that it makes the core material formable. This is normally done by creating different shaped grid scores in the core material, supported with a thin glass fiber veil. Using standard grid scored finishing material when manufacturing parts that have a single curvature leaves the scores in the “non curved” direction open. By only having cuts were the curvature is needed, the resin consumption is reduced by approx. 50%.The remaining cuts, utilized to get a curvature, are closed resulting in further savings in weight and cost of resin. ODC is available in most grades and densities and it can be combined with several other finishes from our wide range to create further benefits.

Introducing New Grid Score option, GS 0,9:
As mentioned previously, to make core materials fit a curvature smoothly, Grid Scored, commonly known as GS core materials is frequently used. The DIAB Grid Scored option is 0,9 mm wide and available in many grades and thicknesses. The new GS 0,9 cut has a great impact on the amount of resin consumed in the grid scores or cuts in closed molding techniques. The improvement will reduce the amount of resin in the grid scores up to 30% when used in an appropriate way.



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