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Diab opens office in Helsingborg, Sweden

News International-French

12 Feb 2016

Helsingborg is located close to Copenhagen and Malmo, which increases Diab’s ability to attract well-educated staff with international experience.

At the same time, it takes less than 50 minutes to drive to Laholm where the headquarters, manufacturing and R&D are – and where business once started.

Diab is again in an expansive phase, with precise growth targets from the owner Ratos. An external office for part of the business increases flexibility and efficiency, in particular as the number of employees is expected to increase. Approximately 20 people with global market responsibility and European sales responsibility work at the Helsingborg office.

Diab is currently in an expansive phase. The new office is a deliberate move for recruitment as Helsingborg is a dynamic city that holds great attraction. The office is also just a stone's throw away from the central station and port, which simplifies commuting from larger cities in Öresund region – and thus from the rest of the world, says CEO Lennart Hagelqvist.

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