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Diab plans to open a new production facility in China

News International-French

8 Sep 2014

China’s economic growth has enabled its composite market to become one of the largest in the world. Due to this fact the company has undertaken to set up an IPN block production plant in China, thus boosting its presence in the country.

Diab established its first facility in China in 2005 and has since then continuously increased its operations.

The company’s investment is aimed to serve even more closely its growing customer base in China and Asia.

The company needs to increase its local production of Divinycell Matrix and other structural core materials. Then, with local integration backwards, they will be able to improve their capacity to accommodate the needs of the Chinese market and increase their ability to serve the rest of Asia. The new factory will use the latest production technologies from Europe to secure our high quality standards.

The project supports the increasing attentiveness to green investments in China. The Chinese government currently funds a wide range of technologies aimed at energy saving and environment protection.

The company wants to be able to offer tailor-made solutions for the Chinese market. Having a local R&D center will enable them to grow the structural sandwich market and support our technical sales in finding new applications for our products.

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