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Diab reveals its latest innovations at JEC Europe

News International-French

28 Jan 2015

Diab offers a variety of high-performance structural core materials for a multitude of applications.

At JEC Europe in Paris, Diab will be showcasing several exciting innovations. One of them is their new tough Divinycell HM-range. This material can absorb high dynamic impacts and slamming loads, which makes it ideal for extremely demanding applications. It is for example a perfect choice for fast going, highly loaded marine hulls.

Visitors to JEC Europe will for example be also able to see Diab’s two recyclable new PET cores, which are well suited for many land, transportation and construction applications.

“PET foam opens up a great number of possibilities as a core material”, said Roger Jansson. “It is lightweight, stable yet flexible, offers a great compressive strength and is temperature resistant.”

Still, core materials are only part of Diab’s extensive offering. They are complemented by a huge number of finishing options that make is possible to shape and design the material to suit specific applications needs. The right finishing saves time, money and resources.
At JEC Europe, the company will present two new finishing options – GPL1 and GSC30/GRV2. GPL1 features optimized grooves and perforations to minimize resin consumption and thereby to achieve additional weight savings. GSC30/GRV2 facilitates fast and reliable infusion, reducing cost and saving labor.