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Diamond China first aircraft 6S shop settled in Zhengzhou

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11 Apr 2014

Recently, Henan Obey Aircraft Corporation (Obey) and Bin Ao Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Ltd held the Diamond Aircraft regional agent signing ceremony and press conference in Zhengzhou airport Kai Fu Jian Guo Hotel.

According to the agreement, Obey Diamond Aircraft became Diamond Aircraft sole agent in Henan area.

Both sides will build a diamond aircraft flagship store in Zhengzhou airport economic comprehensive experimentation area. This flagship store will be the first diamond aircraft flagship store in China and also the second in the Asia Pacific region.

Diamond Aircraft uses carbon fiber composite used in the F1 racing car. It is the private aircraft with the highest scientific and technological content. It is most economical and environmental protective private aircraft with the characteristics of high security, light weight, low oil consumption, convenient maintenance, simple learning, and strong safety performance.

Ever since its launch, Diamond Aircraft has maintained a zero major safety accident record. It has kept the top second sales globally and occupied 70% general aircraft market in China.

According to Obey responsible person, Diamond Aircraft belongs to high-end brand, which is equivalent to BMW in the automobile industry. This time, Obey has bought 2 top class Diamond Aircrafts to provide flight experience and set up Diamond Aircraft flying club for buyers.

Obey will invest thirty million to build its Diamond Aircraft flagship store in the airport. The company plans to build Diamond Aircraft 6S stores in Nanyang, Luoyang, Anyang airports during the year of 2014. A complete system of a full range of integrated with entrustment, repair, modification, spray coating, air material support, route request, and pilot training will be developed in the whole Henan province.

Private aircraft industrial value occupies a proportion of 30%-40% of the whole general aircraft industry. In recent years, China low altitude airspace has been gradually opened up, private aircraft will usher in a period of rapid growth, and the private flight will become the future common way of traffic in people’s life in China.

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