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Diatex celebrated 30 years of innovation

News International-French

23 Jan 2017

Specialized in the manufacture of technical fabrics, with EN9100 certification for the aeronautical market since 2005, and Oeko-Tex since 2012, othe company celebrated 30 years of innovation, expertise, and links with its partners and customers at its Saint Genis premises.

Diatex celebrated 30 years of innovation

The company, based in the heart of the chemical and textile area, is well established in niche markets in the high-tech sector.

The main activities are distributed between four divisions : geotextiles, light aircraft, advanced textiles and composites, which enabled growth and diversification of a wide range of services, especially in the fields of aeronautics, wind energy, industry, filtration, events and personal protective equipment.

In 2015, the buyback of its weaving subsidiary (TDM) involved an investment of €2 million on the site to modernize it and bring it into line with aeronautical standards. In 2016, an aeronautical certification resulted from these efforts and put the weaving into a sphere of excellence.

Diatex deals with renowned customers such as Airbus, Boeing, Vestas and the Beneteau Group and is an active participant in Industry Of the Future/Transport of tomorrow, through its involvement in the FUI Sealcoat project (development of the outer shell of the inflatable structure for  60 tons heavy loads, pushed by Flying Whales). 

The company exports to 58 countries including China and India, and intends to strengthen its national and international positions to rapidly achieve a 55% export share of turnover as against 44 % in 2016.