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Dieffenbacher awarded with major order for Russian hybrid car production lines

News International-French

21 Apr 2011

The Russian company ё-AUTO (ё is a letter in Cyrillic alphabet pronounced as [yo] ) has placed an order with the German press manufacturer Dieffenbacher for 2 manufacturing lines for the production of fiber-reinforced plastic components – as unveiled on the 20th of april 2011.


Photo: Andrey Biryukov (on the right), Director General of ё-AUTO, and Wolf-Gerd Dieffenbacher, Dieffenbacher’s President and CEO, while signing the contract at Dieffenbacher’s headquarters in Eppingen next to a photo of the new Russian hybrid car


The so-called ё-car is a highly innovative hybrid car with a power-generating unit driven by petrol or natural gas and traction electric motors. Instead of a battery there are super-capacitors, which accumulate the energy generated while braking and which is then released to the e-motors on demand.


Another new idea behind is that the whole car body is made of a special plastics material,
a fiber-reinforced thermoplastic called LFTD. Usually fiberglass is used in this application, whereas in the production of the ё-car body components basalt fibers will be used.


ё-AUTO Company's engineering partner is MAGNA STEYR. The ё-car project enjoys a top-priority status in Russia with Mikhail Prokhorov, Russian billionaire, being the investor of the project, and Russia’s Prime Minister Putin test-driving the innovative car as shown by the Russian TV. Director General of ё-AUTO and Co-Investor is Mr. Andrey Biryukov who points out that “production of all major components will be located in Russia based on the inventions of Russian engineers applying leading technologies and using the most advanced equipment.”


The first manufacturing facilities will be located in St. Petersburg where, in the final stage, 40,000 ё-cars are to be produced per year plus 50,000 car assembly sets to be assembled in other regions of the country. The first cars shall come off the production line in 2012.


Dieffenbacher has made great efforts to work out an overall concept for the customer including the press technology, but also the peripheral processes. With more than 50 LFTD lines sold already, Dieffenbacher has established itself as the market leader in this segment.


With other orders received from German car manufacturers AUDI and Mercedes for example, for the production of carbon reinforced components in these cases, Dieffenbacher is in every case fully in line with the demand for fuel-saving light-weight construction technology which is quickly entering today’s car production.



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