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A difficult launch of China offshore wind power projects

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12 Jun 2012

China placed big hopes to its offshore wind power. China National Energy Bureau plan hopes the offshore wind power installed capacity will reach 5GW at the end of "Twelfth 5 Year Plan" period and 30GW in 2020.

However, the planning and coordination between National Ocean Bureau and National Energy Bureau have not reached in synchronization. Only after the approval of the offshore projects tendering, they have discovered that the original "wind farm locations” have changed and the depths are also changed.


The effectiveness of the original bids price is in a difficult question.  Almost two years have past since October 2010 announcement of the first offshore wind power concession bidding result, the first 4 projects are still not started.


Shanghai Electrical and Shandong Luneng Dongtai project has been determined by the Ocean departments as a nature reserve. The project sites need to be advanced 10 kilometers further toward the sea.


This again involves maritime bureau, oceans bureau, military, submarine cable, fishermen and so on. All the first batch of 4 projects has faced the similar situation. The foundations such as relevant state departments’ coordination, as well as the laws and regulations support are all missing to start those projects.


Last year, China has launched the offshore wind power selection standard. It regulated that the "offshore wind farm should in principle be in offshore with distance of no less than 10 kilometers, beach width should be more than 10 km, and water depth should be no less than 10 meters”. But this principle has been criticized for being too general. Marine Bureau has yet to determine which region can be used in building wind power.


The current global offshore wind power development mainly concentrated in Europe. According to the Global Wind Energy Council Secretary General Steve Sawyer, at present European offshore wind power installed capacity is close to 40GW by the end of 2011. Experts believe that China should study the methods that the EU countries have initiated and succeeded.


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