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Digital tension control system for filament winding

News International-French

18 Feb 2014

Helman announce their next generation digital electronic control. Now users can independently control tension in up to four different fiber types simultaneously. Precise filament tension can be controlled from as low as 0.1 lbs to 44 lbs (50g to 20,000g) all at pay out speeds as fast as 500 ft/min (152 m/min). 

The company is a supplier of accurate tensioner systems to the filament winding industry for over 25 years. The company has distinguished themselves with their signature filament tensioning system utilizing bi-directional servo control with unparalleled accuracy, control and reliability.

New design and pattern development opportunities are now not only possible but can be manufactured in a modern high speed environment.

Key Features:

  • Tension control from 0.1 lbs to 44 lbs (50g to 20,000g)
  • Payout speeds up to 500 ft/min (152m/min)
  • Independently control tension in up to four different fiber types simultaneously
  • Use of a powerful microchip technology allowing the Helman tensioner to provide sophisticated programming and fiber control features
  • The user can interface with the tensioner either through a HMI or directly through the built in Ethernet web page allowing for powerful diagnostics features and parameter settings
  • Sophisticated cascading PID loops for world class tension control
  • Zero crossing feature which allows the use of more aggressive PID loop parameters for better tension control while automatically taming oscillations when in static pull
  • Automatic dynamic braking of the motor provides faster stopping at the occurrence of a fault
  • Better layout of the components and tracks in order to minimize crosstalk and noise which can be found on analog circuits 

The company offers everything needed for a filament winding manufacturing cell. The product range includes filament winders, resin baths, pay-out tooling and tensioners to downstream curing ovens and testing equipment. In addition, Helman has designed world class manufacturing automation supporting high volume production to include loading & unloading robotics and networked automation.

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