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DIGU launched carbon fiber reinforced concrete technology

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11 May 2015

Recently, DIGU Building Materials Co., Ltd has introduced carbon fiber reinforced concrete technology.

Carbon fiber reinforced concrete technology maximized the original architectural design while reduced the structural size, increased building usable area, and reduced the self-weight, reduced the construction period.

Carbon fiber reinforced concrete technology can greatly improve the buildings service life, reduce the cost of reinforcement. Carbon fiber reinforced concrete technology has the following advantages:

 (1) High tensile strength, which is 7-10 times that of the equal section steel.

 (2) Light weight, the density is only ¼ that of the ordinary steel.

 (3) Excellent durability that can resist chemical corrosion and the damage caused by the bad environment, the ravages of climate change.

 (4) Easy and fast construction, which can save labor and time while ensure the construction quality.

 (5) Has wide applicable range including concrete structure, steel structure, wood structure strengthening.

Digu Building Materials has a strong technical force, complete production equipment, precision testing instruments and professional technical research staff. The company has also worked with the provincial and municipal building design institute, the famous colleges and universities to carry out extensive technical cooperation. The company has built a large production base in Dongguan as well.

Based on the high-tech building reinforcement engineering material R & D strength, DIGU has developed a series of reinforcing environmental protection structure adhesive products: bar inserted adhesives, special steel adhesives, pouring sealant, carbon fiber adhesives, carbon fiber cloth, rubber repair adhesives, pouring adhesives, epoxy grouting liquid, polymer mortar, and epoxy resin.

DIGU products are widely used in civil construction, industrial workshop, commercial building, docks, water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, bridge, tunnel, subway, highway projects and other maintenance and reinforcement projects.

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