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Dilutec celebrates 20 years with the inauguration of a thinner plant

News International-French

15 Jun 2015

Brazilian manufacturers of thinner and gelcoat, Dilutec completes 20 years this month celebrating the start of operations of its new thinner plant in Piracicaba, São Paulo.

Budgeted at US$ 2 million, the unit has a production capacity of 400,000 liters of thinner per month. 

Covering an area of 12,000 square meters, the new plant started with an installed potential that is 200% higher than Dilutec’s previous plant – also located in Piracicaba, which will be discontinued. “Although it may take a while for us to fulfill all this potential, we are very optimistic, especially with regard to the new business opportunities that should emerge with clients engaged with more intensity to the foreign market,” said Sidney Bottene, commercial director of Dilutec. 

The newly inaugurated infrastructure, according to Bottene, has the very latest in terms of safety and redundancy systems for the production of thinner. “We also adapted the unit to operate without any damage to the environment, by installing containment basins for loading and unloading raw materials and the final product. And all the effluent generated by the plant is treated”. 

Investment in gelcoat
The expansion of the gelcoat business is also part of Dilutec’s strategy. With the production concentrated in Senador Canedo (GO), the company is investing in the acquisition of equipment.

“In the second half of the year, we will have capacity to produce 200 tons/month, that is, 50% higher than our current capacity,” said Evair Tozzi, also director of Dilutec.

Throughout 2014, the company improved its portfolio aiming to meet the requirements of large manufacturers of pools. It also started supplying a marine gelcoat used by major shipyards around the world. “Hence why, despite the economic fluctuations experienced by the country, we decided to invest in capacity expansion,” he said.