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Dilutec consolidates itself as a manufacturer of gelcoat for swimming pools

News International-French

29 Jul 2015

Good performance influenced the company to expand its production capacity by 50%

Manufacturing gelcoat for swimming pools is not an easy task. A combination of resin and pigment, gelcoat is responsible for the finishing of composite parts – in the case of swimming pools, the contact with water requires a product with high chemical resistance. That is why the Brazilian company Dilutec took approximately three years to develop a family of gelcoats suitable for this application.

“After conducting a market research to identify the real needs of pool manufacturers, we formulated the products and submitted them to external certifications relating to the standards of accelerated weathering, salt spray and humidity,” said Marcos Pannellini, commercial manager of Dilutec. During the process, he recalls, the company invested in spectrophotometry and “Turtle Box” tests – which evaluates the gelcoat resistance to osmosis and the integrity of the color in contact with water.

According to Pannellini, it was worth it to follow all these steps. “With the certifications, we managed to have our products approved in the leading Brazilian manufacturers of swimming pools. Until then, they basically relied on only one supplier.” Thus, since the end of last year, Dilutec manufactures Colorgel® ISO/NPG (blue and white) – other colors can be formulated on request –, the gelcoat Colorgel® vinyl ester for the chemical barrier and Colorpatch®, an additive intended for retouching, restoration and repainting of pools – it is also used in the conversion of tile pools into composite pools.

“Entering the swimming pool segment was crucial for the decision to expand our factory,” he said. In the unit operating in Senador Canedo (GO) – Dilutec also produces thinner in Piracicaba (SP) –, the company invested in equipment and infrastructure, which ensured a 50% leap in the installed capacity, totaling 200 tons/month.

“The swimming pool market already accounts for 12% of our revenues, and our goal is to reach 20% over the next year,” said Pannellini.

Photo: Marcos Pannellini, commercial manager of Dilutec