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Dilutec introduces composites molding equipment produced by BÜFAtec

News International-French

24 Dec 2014

Dilutec gathered approximately one hundred people at its unit in Piracicaba (São Paulo) to introduce the  equipment line for composites molding of BÜFAtec Spain, a Spanish subsidiary of the German group BÜFA.

Marcos Pannellini, commercial manager of Dilutec, opened the event with a presentation about BÜFAtec and its extensive portfolio. He also highlighted that the event was sponsored by Ashland, supplier of the resins distributed by Dilutec. Then, there was a practical demonstration of the 6-C and 12-C lines, respectively, gelcoat and spray-up machines. “These are easy to operate and, at the same time, very resistant and precise,” said Pannellini.

Next, the participants were surprised by the UNI 125, equipment produced by BÜFAtec designed to operate in three types of composite molding processes: lamination (roll), spray-up (pistol) and injection (RTM or casting). “This is a very versatile machine and hence ideal for processors who work with multiple processes, such as shipyards and manufacturers of parts for the construction industry.”

The other attractions shown at the event sponsored by Dilutec were a manual dispenser and a drum mixer.

Finally, Pannellini introduced the Diluclear Machine, a compound for heavy cleaning and machinery lubrication launched this year by Dilutec. “It can be used to clean equipment of automatic application and dispensing contaminated with paints, resins and gelcoats,” he said.