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Dilutec launches translucent resin and gelcoat system

News International-French

23 Jun 2016

Novelty is ideal for applications in the leisure sector

Dilutec, one of the leading manufacturers of gelcoat and thinner in Brazil, announces the launch of a crystal polyester resin and ISO NPG gelcoat system which ensures translucency to composites parts. The novelty is ideal for applications in the leisure sector, such as toys and waterslides.

“The resin and gelcoat were adjusted by Dilutec for the system as a whole to be translucent and, at the same time, meets the mechanical strength requirements and exposure to UV rays,” said Marcos Brambilla, technical manager of Dilutec. Initially, the translucent system is being provided in greenish tint, but other colors can be formulated.

Dilutec took just under a month to develop the novelty. The initiative came from a request from Reforfibra, a company specializing in toys and furniture of composites.

“One of our customers wanted to install in his house a translucent waterslide, but was startled by the prices of those manufactured in polycarbonate and acrylic. Hence, we suggest composites, which are cheaper and offer superior resistance. We contacted the Dilutec, which quickly developed an excellent solution for this type of application,” said Sebastião Lopes, director of Reforfibra.

Founded in 1995, Dilutec manufactures gelcoat in Senador Canedo (GO) and thinner in Piracicaba (SP). The company also operates as a distributor of Ashland resins and equipment of BÜFAtec Spain.