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Dilutec takes on the distribution of equipment produced by the German Büfa

News International-French

15 Nov 2012

Dilutec took on the exclusive distribution in Brazil of equipment from the traditional German company Büfa.

Manufacturer of thinner, gelcoat and distributor of raw materials to the composites industry, Dilutec will provide gelcoat and spray-up equipment and compact service stations – machines that automatically perform the dosage of peroxide in the resin.

“We will provide the composite molders with equipment recognized worldwide for their outstanding performance and reliability,” says Evair Tozzi, director of Dilutec. In the first year, Tozzi estimates that Dilutec manages to negotiate at least 40 units. ”In the Brazilian market, there is a growing demand for modern, compact and low maintenance machines, the main characteristics of the equipment produced by Büffa.”  

One example is the gelcoat unit ES1, easy to operate and ideal for the application of gelcoat in small and medium components, from 1 to 3 m². With a volume of 27 ml per cycle, the ES1 can be used, for example, in repairing damaged areas of pools and vessels. As for larger parts, molders can rely on the GSU 6-C model, which volume per cycle is 100 ml. Both gelcoat units are supplied with the airless-type and notably robust Century projection gun.

With respect to the spray-up equipment, special mention to UNI 125, whose construction project is quite similar to the gelcoat units, that is, the ease operation prevails. Manufactured by Büfa 35 years ago, it is one of the best-selling spray-up machines worldwide.

Exact dosage of peroxide in the resin
One of the main obstacles in the manual lamination of composite materials is the variation of the dosage of peroxide in the resin. By relying on the action of a person, the percentage is not always the same, causing various types of problems, such as unsatisfactory curing and yellowing of the parts. 

The solution found by Bufa – simple but at the same time brilliant – is called Polybar. This is a compact machine that doses through pneumatic pumps the exact amounts of resin and peroxide desired. ”After defining the relationship between the raw materials, only the supervisor of the productive area can modify it, since the device is locked. This makes the laminating process much more efficient and secure,” explains Tozzi.