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Direct upgrade of standard carbon fibre to HM grade

News International-French

5 Mar 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - UHT’s innovation makes it possible to convert standard PAN-based carbon fibre into high-modulus carbon fibre.

It provides more efficient and convenient access to intermediate-modulus (IM) and high-modulus (HM) carbon fibre, no longer depending on precursor quality and huge investments for a complete production line.

The company combined a patented ultra-high temperature microwave heating technology with a resizing and re-winding technique to develop a new graphitization system that focuses a large amount of electromagnetic energy inside the carbon fibre and generates very high temperatures for graphitization in a few seconds.

Main benefits:

  • 70% energy saving
  • 50% faster graphitization process
  • Applicable to all types of PAN-based carbon fibres
  • Alternative sizing available, e.g. thermoset to thermoplastic 
  • Green process with almost no pollution

For composite designers, this innovation means more material choices. It induces a whole new business model, enabling composite manufacturers to directly modify standard carbon fibre into higher grades at a more competitive cost.

Booth: H79