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Dong Fang Turbine resin epoxy products successfully applied in automobile

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13 Aug 2013

Recently, Dong Fang Turbine Co., Ltd. resin division has signed a wind power epoxy resin sales contract with Zhengzhou Jingyida Beijing Great Automotive Components Co., Ltd. This is a successful application model example for the resin division wind epoxy products in the field other than the wind power.

Jingyida is a wholly owned subsidiary owned by Zhengzhou Yutong Group. Jingyida mainly engaged in the production of car seat, air conditioning, doors, wiring harness, axles with an annual output value of more than 2 billion Yuan (US$ 367 million).

In recent years, Dong Fang Turbine resin division has been actively exploring the wind electricity epoxy resin products application in the field other than the wind power industry while still kept in the wind power application expansions.

Through early repeated technology exchange, product testing and trial with Jingyida, great progress has been made for the applications of wind power epoxy resin in Jingyida’s products such as bus bumper, hood, manhole, and lamp parts. So far the application results are good and the follow up purchase will be carried out.

The company resin division mainly engaged in the development of Dong Fang Turbine non-metallic materials. In which, the epoxy resin series products are the focus in the future. Therefore, the development of the applications in the field other than the wind power is the future direction for the company resin division.

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